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BellaViev Photography,LLC

BellaVieve [bel-uh-veev]

Family is very important to me, thus comes the name BellaVieve, named so after my daughter Isabella Genevieve.

I specialize in weddings & family photography. I'm mainly a natural light photographer, but also am a studio photographer. Come see me at 210 N. 3rd St in Bardstown!

I believe that everyone deserves a beautiful image of their life, and I will help make that possible for you.

I am classically trained in Fine Art photography, I obtained a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree with an emphasis in Photography at Eastern Kentucky University in May of 2009.

I was often told by my peers and professors, that my images brought a scene of nostalgia, and peace. My main focus is to draw people to what they miss when they walk by something and bring a scene of beauty and wonderment to that said object. I shoot at different angles and perspective to get that composition.